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Our Property Valuation Services

At Murchessons Property Valuations, we provide accurate and independent valuations across all property types throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and surrounding suburbs. Our services include:

Residential Property Valuations

Our qualified valuers inspect and assess the fair market value of residential properties including houses, townhouses, units, apartments, and vacant land. Valuations can be provided for pre-purchase, property taxes, insurance, mortgage security, and family law purposes.

Commercial Property Valuations

We determine the current market value of retail, office, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, and other commercial properties. Our reports evaluate property attributes, zoning, improvements, access, nearby amenities and comparable sales.

Rural Property Valuations

From small acreages to expansive farmland and stations, we have experience valuing a wide range of rural properties across New South Wales and Victoria. Inspections cover land use, carrying capacity, fencing, water sources, sheds and any dwellings.

Compulsory Acquisition Valuations

We represent both acquiring authorities and landowners during compulsory acquisition and resumption processes. Our valuers determine fair compensation for the compulsory acquisition of private land.

Insurance Valuations

We provide up-to-date reinstatement valuations on residential, commercial and industrial properties for insurance purposes. Reports estimate rebuilding costs and replaceable values to assist in setting adequate sum insured amounts.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

We determine the market value of properties as of specific dates required for capital gains tax calculations. Valuers reference historical sales records and market data to provide accurate valuations.
Contact us today to discuss your specific property valuation needs. Our experts are ready to inspect properties, consult on requirements, and provide trusted reports to inform your real estate decisions.